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Kunming Fascinate by Treasures

China Kunming Pan-Asia Stone Expo was opened on 10th July, 2015, which has been a brand show in the country featured by its highest level, specialization and wide-spread influence. The exhibition is very splendid, a variety of rare stones make visitors both fascinating and enjoyable.

Priceless “Stones Feast” with alldishes” valued nearly 3 billion yuan

  First highlights of this Stone Expo is the “Stone feast” showed in Hall 4 which draws attention of visitors. More than 600 dishes are made of stones. It can be rated as the best of the world, and valued at 2.98 billion yuan.

Emerald become new star of Stone Expo

   Emerald in different shapes are on display in booths in Hall 14which become a new star of this show, many of them are fromColombia.

Increasing attention on crystallized minerals

  This year, crystallized minerals are on display in large-scale for the first time in show. The Selected Works Pavilion has attracted about 70 such booths with exhibitors coming from Guilin,Changshaand overseas.

Masters’ exquisite works are sought after

Boutiques all in Hall 4

Hall layout

Safer Purchase   

To eliminate consumers’ concern on fake products, the organizers set up verifying stands for jewelry at the exits of Hall 2, 5.

 Increasing number of visitors

  While this year's economic situation is grim, customers’ enthusiasm for the jewelry and stone remains high.


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